Notepad comes with every Windows version was a simple and basic text editor without any advanced functionality until recently. But the new redesigned Notepad in Windows 11 has many advanced text editing functions and an enhanced user interface. You can now change the font style, font size, font family, enter Unicode characters, etc.

The redesigned Notepad in Windows 11 lets you insert symbols and special characters with Alt and X keys, just as you have been able to do in Microsoft Office for years. That is, the new Notepad can properly convert Unicode codes to characters.


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You can enter Unicode characters in Notepad in two ways – using the Alt+X keys and using the Windows Character Map utility. So if you want to add some special characters to your Notepad text, here is how to do it.

How to Enter Unicode Characters in Notepad Using Alt+X?

1. Find a list of Unicode codes on this Wikipedia page (link).

2. Enter a Unicode into Notepad and then press Alt+X to convert it. For example, type 0024 and press Alt+X.

3. Notepad will convert the code into a dollar sign.

Enter Unicode character in Notepad in Windows 11

You can also use the Windows Character Map tool to enter Unicode characters in Notepad.

How to Enter Unicode Characters in Notepad Using Character Map?

1. In Windows 11, click on the search button on the Taskbar and type Character Map in the search box.

2. Choose the Character Map from the results.

3. Now, choose a desired character on the tool.

4. Next, click the Select button and then click on the Copy button.

Character Map in Windows 11

5. The Unicode will copy to the Clipboard, and then you can paste them into Notepad.

The latest Notepad app (version 11.2112.32.0) in Windows 11 has a dark theme and the option to change the font style, font size, font family.

Open the Notepad app, click on the Settings menu (cogwheel). To change the theme, click on the App theme option and select the Light, Dark, or System settings option as per your choice.

How to switch to black theme in Notepad in Windows 11

Now to change the font, click on the Font option and choose font family, font style, and font size as per your choice.

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