Solid State Drives (SSD) are an increasingly popular choice for millions looking for faster performance than conventional magnetic hard disks can provide. However, because SSDs are relatively expensive, many PC users choose a low-sized (256GB) SSD for their PC. But the problem is that apps, software, and media files are getting bigger and bigger as their quality and complexity increase. It means the PC soon runs out of space after installing a few apps and saving some media files.

Windows 11 features

Microsoft has added the Archive apps feature in Windows 11 to handle the storage space issue. This feature automatically archives infrequently used apps to save storage space and internet bandwidth. Microsoft enabled this option on your Windows 11 computer by default, but it is worth checking whether it is disabled on your PC.


Windows 11 installs many apps on your computer, but many of these apps have no use for many people. You can uninstall many of them from your computer to gain storage space. However, insufficient storage is still an issue, especially if your PC has a low or mid-sized SSD. Enabling the auto archive rarely used apps feature can handle it.

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How to Auto Archive Apps Feature on Windows 11 to Save Storage Space?

1. First, open Start on your Windows 11 computer and click the Settings app to open it.

2. Next, choose the Apps option on the left sidebar.

3. Select Advanced Apps settings.

4. In Advanced Apps settings, enable the Archive Apps option if it is disabled.

Archive apps on Windows 11

Note that though archived apps will be removed from your Windows 11 computer to save storage space, your data and files on the apps still be saved on your computer. If you open an archived app, it reinstalls immediately and retains your personal user data (if the app still be available).

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