Apple launched new apps on the Microsoft Store to use as a replacement for iTunes. The new Music, TV, and Devices apps are now available for Windows 11 and 10 PCs, allowing users to install the most needed app instead of iTunes. For example, if you need to manage and update your iPhone or iPad from your Windows PC, you only need to install the Devices app.

Apple Devices app for Windows 11

Apple Devices app lets you manage sync, backup, restore, and update your iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices from your Windows 11 computer. The Devices app also helps to easily install the latest software updates on your iPhone and iPad. Here is how to use the Devices app to update your iPhone from Windows 11 PC.


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How to Use Apple Devices App to Install Software Update on iPhone/iPad From Windows 11?

1. First, install the Apple Devices app from the Microsoft Store (link).

2. Launch the Apple Devices app and accept the terms and conditions.

3. Connect your iPhone/iPad to your Windows 11 PC via a USB cable.

4. Next, click the Start option in the app.

5. Your iPhone/iPad will appear in the app [If it does not show, restart your computer].

6. Now, you will see a popup message on your device. Tap the Trust option in the message.

7. If any iOS update is available, it will display under the Software section.

8. If an iOS update is available, click the Update option and enter your passcode.

Install software updates on iPhone/iPad using Apple Devices app

9. The app will download the update, and once done, follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your iPhone/iPad.

That is all how to update your iPhone and iPad from your Windows 11 using the Devices app. The other two Apple apps for Windows are Apple Music and Apple TV app.

The music app lets you listen to and manage music from their iTunes library, including iTunes Store purchases from Windows. The Apple TV app allows users to watch and manage movies and TV shows from iTunes.

Note: The article was first published in February 2024 and updated in March 2024 with necessary changes.

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