Microsoft is prepping to launch a major version of Windows 11 (version 24H2) with new AI capabilities, machine learning, new features, and improvements to enhance productivity across apps, search, and more. However, Windows 11 version 24H2 is said to require a processor instruction called Population Count (POPCNT). It means older Windows 11 computers may not support the Windows 11 24H2 and up versions because they do not support POPCNT.

Windows 11 update

Here is how to check if your computer can run Windows 11 version 24H2. If your PC’s CPU supports POPCNT, you may not be worried about future updates. With the help of a little application called CPU-Z, you can check whether your PC supports Windows 11 24H2. Intel introduced processors that work with POPCNT in 2008, so most of you may not be worried about the 24H2 update.


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How to Check if Your Computer Can Run Windows 11 Version 24H2?

1. Download and install the CPU-Z app (link) on your computer.

2. After installation, launch the CPU-Z app. It will scan your PC and generate a detailed report of its components.

3. Now, in the CPU tab, look for the Instructions section.

4. If your computer has an Intel processor, look for SSE4.2. If you have an AMD processor, look for SSE4A.

5. SSE4.2 and SSE4A indicate that your processor supports POPCNT and Windows 11 version 24H2.

Check POPCNT support on your PC

That is all how to check if your PC can run future versions of Windows 11 update. Below are some of the best new features that Windows 11 24H2 brings to your computer.

For your information, POPCNT helps run neural networks, which are computer systems inspired by the structure of human brains, which is also a crucial part of AI (artificial intelligence). Because Microsoft is prepping to implement new AI features in the forthcoming Windows 11 versions, a processor that supports POPCNT may require to work.

New Features of Windows 11 Version 24H2

The stable version of the Windows 11 24H2 update will launch later this year, maybe in October 2024. Advanced Copilot, AI Super-Resolution, AI Cowriter in Notepad, AI Voice Clarity, AI depth wallpapers, new Snap layout suggestions, scrollable Quick Settings panel, Sudo command from Linux, 7zip and TAR archive support, new Energy Saver mode, etc. are some of the new features of 24H2 update.

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