Notepad is one of the most essential system applications in the Windows operating system. To edit system files, open batch files, open INI files, save important information as text files, etc., requires the Notepad. Microsoft has redesigned Notepad in Windows 11, and now it has a tabbed interface, auto-save content, a dark theme, and the option to change font size.

The latest tab feature in Notepad lets users keep several files open in the same window and switch quickly between them. However, the tabbed interface and auto-saving features of Notepad are an annoyance for many users. For example, when you open the same text file multiple times, each file opens in a new tab. It means you have a Notepad with the same file opened in several tabs.


Notepad in Windows 11 has an option to prevent opening files in a new tab, as well as stop opening the last file. In this guide, let us learn how to stop Notepad from opening the same file multiple times in a new tab and opening the previous file.

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How to Stop Notepad From Opening the Same File in a New Tab?

1. First, open the Notepad application on your Windows 11 PC.

2. Click the settings icon (cog wheel) at the top right of the window.

3. On Notepad settings, click the Opening Files drop-down menu.

4. Select Open in a new Window.

Stop Note from opening same file on multiple tabs on Windows 11

5. It will open your file in a new window each time you open your file.

How to Stop Notepad From Opening Previous File on Windows 11?

1. Open Notepad, go to Settings and click the drop-down menu When Notepad starts.

2. Select Open in a new window.

Stop Notepad from opening previous file on Windows 11

3. It will prevent open files from the previous sessions or open a new window.

That is all. Close the Notepad application and open it again. Notepad will open in a new window without restoring the previous content and tab interface. To restore the default features on Notepad, go to settings and revert the changes mentioned above.

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