Microsoft is preparing to make a massive change to the Windows keyboard. The upcoming Windows keyboard will have a Copilot key, which lets you quickly open the AI-powered Copilot chatbot on your PC. The new Copilot key will be on the right side of the keyboard, right beside the Alt key.

Copilot is a new AI-powered chatbot in Windows 11 that can execute various tasks, launch apps, change settings, generate images, create songs (using plugins), and talk to you in natural language. You can type or speak to it. It will respond to your commands and queries. You can launch Copilot from your Taskbar or use the Win+C shortcut key.

How to add Copilot key to your current keyboard

If you want, you can add the Copilot key to your current physical keyboard. It is by replacing the Win or any other key. The trick behind this guide is simple. Since Win+C is the default shortcut to launch Copilot in Windows 11, we can assign a key to this Win+C shortcut using Microsoft PowerToys app.

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How to Add Copilot Key to Your Current Keyboard?

1. First, install the Microsoft PowerToys app on your Windows 11 PC (download it from Microsoft Store or Github).

2. After installation, open PowerToys, select General and turn on the Run at Startup option.

Enable PowerToys run at startup

3. In the General section, turn on the Always Run as administrator option.

Microsoft PowerToys always run as administrator

4. Next, select the Keyboard Manager and turn on Enable Keyboard Manager.

5. Now, choose the Remap a Key option and click the + Add key remapping button.

Remap key option in Microsoft PowerToys

6. Under Select, click the dropdown menu and select a key from the list to launch Copilot (choose an uncommon key, for example, End, Home key, etc.)

7. Next, under Key/Shortcut, click the dropdown menu and select Win key.

8. Next, in the Select dropdown menu, select the C key.

9. Click OK and then confirm it by clicking the Continue Anyway button to save the setting.

Add Copilot key to your current keyboard

10. Close the PowerToys app and click the remapped key to launch Copilot.

You have added the Copilot key to your current keyboard. You can click this key to launch your AI chatbot. To remove the assigned key, go to the Remap a Key option and click the delete button.

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