Most Xiaomi and Poco devices support Widevine L1, which is required to play HD video from services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, it is a common thing that updating devices to newer software versions sometimes will drop the Widevine level from L1 to L3. For example, the recent HyperOS update dropped Widevine L1 support on some Xiaomi and Poco devices.

Widevine L1 issue

Widevine is a digital rights management (DRM) security implemented to protect premium content on services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video from unauthorized distribution. Widevine is necessary to stream videos from services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video on smartphones and other devices. Widevine L3 supports video at a maximum quality of 540p on the device. Watching HD DRM videos (720p and up) requires Widevine L1 on the device.


After installing the HyperOS update on your Xiaomi and Poco devices, if you cannot play HD videos from Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, you need to fix the Widevine L1 on your device.

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How to Fix Widevine L1 Issue on Xiaomi and Poco Phones?

1. First, open the Settings app on your Xiaomi/Poco phone.

2. In settings, go to the About Phone option and tap the Detailed info and Specs option.

3. Next, tap the Kernel version repeatedly until the CIT (Control and Identification Toolbox) menu opens.

4. In the CIT menu, scroll down to the Security Certificate Update. It should show Faild.

5. Tap the Security Certificate Update menu and tap the Widevine Certificate Update option.

6. It will update the Widevine certificate, and once you get the Update Success message, Reboot your phone.

That is all how to fix the Widevine L1 dropped to L3 issue on Xiaomi and Poco phones running HyperOS.

The latest HyperOS firmware update, based on Android 14, brings several new features and customizations to Xiaomi, Poco, and Redmi phones. After installing the HyperOS update, if you cannot play HD video from online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, it might be due to the Widevine L1 issue. The above guide may fix it for you.

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