Google+ has been out for over a month now, and its popularity and acceptance from around the world proves that this new social platform is a great success. Now it has already over 25 million users. If you are a new Google+ user, here are 10 excellent presentations to help you get more out of Google’s new social network.Google-Plus
These presentations explain what Google+ is, how it compares with other social networks, how to get started using it, and how to optimize Google+ presence. Watch all on Slideshare!

  1. Google+ is here. What now?
  2. Google+ 101 Guide
  3. Google+ WTF is Google Plus?
  4. Visual Guide to Circles in Google+
  5. Google+ 201 Guide
  6. Beginners Guide to Google+ for Social Selling
  7. Google Plus Tips
  8. Google+ vs Facebook for SEO
  9. Google Plus: Nonprofit and Social Change Implications
  10. Google+: Changing The Way We Share




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