Usually we use browser tab for opening multiple links in the background and then go through them one by one. But, what about some of the tabs start playing music or video automatically in the background? It will certainly disturb or distract from what we are doing currently. If you are thinking a way to mute sound on tabs, there is good news for Google Chrome users.

MuteTab is a handy Chrome extension that provides a centralized way to manage sounds in Google Chrome. With this extension, you can mute sound on current tab, other tabs, or all tabs with a click.Mutetab


To mute sound, just right click on the webpage your viewing and select MuteTab option and then choose Current tab, other tabs or All tabs (see screenshot above)

You can restore sound on any tab by just clicking the MuteTab icon and selecting Restore option (see screenshot below)


MuteTab will come in handy, for example, to disable sound from unwanted ads, to open several videos on YouTube in background tabs and play the sound from the one tab only or to browse without the fear that someone at work will find out what you are really doing.

MuteTab can be downloaded at Chrome Web store

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