If you like to get the original Galaxy S6 S Health app on your Galaxy Note 4 and other Galaxy devices running Android 5 Lollipop, you can simply add it to your device. An XDA contributor AndroidState has managed to extract the app from Galaxy S6 and ported it to work on galaxy Note 4 and other Galaxy devices running on Lollipop.

S Health is not Galaxy S6’s proprietary feature. It is available on older devices too, but in Galaxy S6, it is improved much more and the added features keep you fit well. The S Health can now track your heart rate, your blood oxygen saturation, calories consumed and burned, and many more. With S Health, you can create your own exercise regime, personal diets and work towards the goals you want to achieve.

In this guide, we show you how to install ported Galaxy S6 S Health app on Galaxy Note 4 and other Galaxy phones. However, keep in mind that, as S Health is being a system app you required root access on your Galaxy Note 4 to install the app. Also, note that this app works only in Lollipop ROM with Samsung’s Touchwiz launcher.


Installation Instruction

1. Install ES File Explorer from Play store

2. Download Galaxy S6 S Health apk [HERE] and Health Service [HERE] and move both files to your phone.

3. Open ES File Explorer, enable ‘Root Explorer’, and sing the Root Explorer go to priv-app/S Health.

4. Backup the file inside it (Just rename the file by adding .bak extension to the file) and then delete it.

5. Using ES File Explorer, copy and paste the S6 S Health apk to priv-app/S Health. Then, rename it to

6. Now, change its permissions to rw–r–r (Long press the file and set the permission).

Once, everything is done, reboot your phone and enjoy the new S Health app.

Note: The Pedometer may not work on some devices. If it does not work, you need to add the Health Service app to your device. (Source – XDA)


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