Personally, I love Facebook’s new Timeline feature as it brings a bright and colorful new interface to my profile. One new feature of Facebook Timeline is users can charm their Facebook home page by adding a cover photo. Here is how to create an awesome cover photo (also profile picture) from your Android phone using a free app called Facebook Timeline Covers by D33P and upload it right to your Facebook Timeline.

Step 1: Download Facebook Timeline Covers by D33P from Android Market and install it. On the first run, you will be prompted to grant access to your Facebook account. Do so.

Step 2: To create cover photo, tap on the blank place of ‘Cover Photo’ (or to create profile picture, tap on the blank place of ‘Profile Picture’).


Step 3: Now choose a photo from your Android device, app’s cover art gallery, photo from your Facebook News Feed or from your friends’ Facebook photos.


Step 4: Once you are done with your selection, tap on ‘Use photo’, then preview your Facebook cover photo and tap on ‘Finish’. Now, if you want you can also create a new profile picture just as above.


After finishing your work, tap on ‘Upload&Share’ option to upload your cover photo to your Facebook Timeline.

What is interesting with this Android app is you can create an awesome Cover Photo from a great photo that you just taken by your phone.

If you want to create a Cover Photo for Facebook Timeline from your computer, you can use the web application called CoverCanvas.


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