The popular mobile security developer Lookout has released a new security app for Android platform called Push Ad Detector that helps you identify which apps on your phone have integrated the most aggressive Push ad networks. Push ad networks are capable of displaying ads in your phone’s notification bar, will place icons on home screen that lead to advertiser’s website and can modify your phone’s browser settings.

Push ad networks are integrated into apps you may have downloaded from the internet and because the ads are displayed outside an app, it’s very difficult to find out exactly which app is enabling these ads.



Lookout‘s Push Ad Detector helps you make decisions about what apps and ad networks to keep on their phones. It also shows you what personal data is being collected by these ad networks.

Push Ad Detector currently able to detect following mobile ad networks -Airpush, Appenda, LeadBolt, Moolah Media, Startapp and TapIt. To eliminate these annoying ads, you can either opt out an ad network (Push Ad Detector provides link to opt out page, if available) or uninstall the application.

If you have any of such ads on your Android device download Lookout‘s Push Ad Detector from Android Market and see what app is responsible for it.

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