The latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 11, has a hidden boot animation for the boot/start screen. Apart from the default circle dots boot-animation, there is a progressive ring boot animation in Windows 11. Initially proposed for the abandoned Windows 10X operating system, the ring boot animation is available in Windows 11 as well, but not enabled by default.

Microsoft has disabled the progressive ring boot animation in Windows 11, so you will see the classic dots circle boot animation on the boot/start screen. But if you want a different look on your Windows 11 boot screen, you can enable the progressive ring boot animation without any software.


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New boot animation for windows 11

Computers run on Windows 11 (build 22449 and later) can enable the new boot animation via changing/creating a new registry value.

How to Enable Progressive Ring Boot Animation in Windows 11 PC?

1. Open the registry editor on your PC.

2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control.

3. Right-click on Control and create a new Key and name it BootControl.

4. On the right pane, generate a new DWORD (32-bit) value, and give it a name, BootProgressAnimation.

5. Set the DWORD value as 1.

6. Restart your computer, and you should see the new start screen/boot animation in Windows 11.

That is all how to change the boot animation in Windows 11. You can always go back to the classic circle dots boot animation by deleting the newly created BootControl. Right click on the BootControl and select delete to remove the new key.

FYI, Windows 11 will enhance the use of your computer with new features, improvements, and user interface changes. The simplified start menu, a new taskbar with centrally aligned icons, and rounded corners are some of the main UI changes in Windows 11.

Notification Center & Quick Settings, File Explorer, themes, new sounds, etc., are other changes of the new OS. The new Microsoft Store, widgets, multitasking, Wi-Fi 6E support, docking, brand new setup experience, etc., are other areas of improvement in Windows 11.

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