Get information about Windows error codes offline with ErrMsg


Windows-error-codeError Codes (e.g. 0x80070002, 0×80070006) are common things with Windows that you will get while performing an action, for example installing/uninstalling software, inserting a USB device to your PC, etc. and can be happened by a wide range of reasons.

To solve the problems of your computer that ends up with an error code, you should know what they mean. ErrMsg is a Windows Error Code Lookup Tool that will show the information about the error code.

After running the program, type the error code in the text field and click the ErrorMsg button. You will get basic information about it (see screen shot below). Windows-error-lookup-tool

I hope it will be more helpful to search online using this term  to get exact solutions to solve the issue. Interested readers can download this offline Windows Error Code Lookup Tool at the source or from here.



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