Auto on Speakerphone When You Move Your Android Phone Away From Your Ear During a Call

Mobile phone’s speakerphone is a great feature to use while driving, in loud surroundings or want to keep a distance between ear and phone. Of course, you can on/off the speakerphone feature with the touch of a button, but it isn’t always convenient all the times, for example during driving. So, what about automating this process – i.e. switch on the speakerphone when your phone away from your ear during a call and vice versa. Here is how it is on Android phone.

Auto Speaker for Android is a little application that lets you automate the speakerphone function of your Android phone. It helps you automatically switch on the Speakerphone when you move your phone away from your ear during a call.


Auto Speaker for Android uses the proximity sensor of your phone for this process. Most android phone has proximity sensor built-in, however check that before installing the app.

The app monitors the proximity sensor of your phone during a conversation, and when the proximity sensor detects that the phone is away from your ear, speakerphone mode automatically becomes enabled – no need to press any button.


However, this auto on/off feature can be a nuisance at times, so the app provides an option to adjust the sensitivity. In addition, you can enable or disable this feature from a simple widget placed on your home screen.

Interested users can download Auto Speaker for Android from Play Store for free


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