Android custom ROM users have been familiar with the advanced power menu. Instead of just Power off option, it brings additional options such as Reboot, Soft-reboot, Reboot to recovery, Reboot to bootloader and Screenshot options to the menu. Stock ROMs does not have an Advanced Power menu, instead you need to use some key combinations.

Here is how to bring advanced power menu to your phone that is running on stock ROM. These options are essential for carrying out various tasks on your phone, for instance, to backup/restore/flash ROM, kernel, and system files, wipe data, make a factory reset, and more.

You can bring advanced power menu to your phone using Xposed Framework module called Advanced Power Menu. This module extends the power menu by including reboot, soft reboot, reboot to recovery and screenshot option and few other options.


The module has also brings an anti-theft protection that prevents thieves from turning on airplane mode. It makes the phone harder to track.

Originally designed for Sony Xperia devices, it works with almost all phones running on AOSP ROM, but it will not work with Samsung devices running TouchWiz.

Installation Instruction:

To use Advanced Power Menu you need your device to be rooted and for Xposed Framework to be installed (read here to know how to install and use Xposed Framework)

Once Xposed Framework is installed, go to module and download, install and activate the module from the list of modules, then reboot your phone. (source)


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