Although you are not legally allowed to drive above the maximum speed limit for the road you driving on, sometimes you will cross the limit and caught by speed cameras. Your Android phone can be used as a speed camera and Police warning system detector to avoid any speeding tickets with the app Speedcam.

The app knows around 55,000 fixed speedcam locations, so you will be able to find where the red-light cameras are hiding and avoid fixed cameras while driving. Also, the live community support lets you find new traps with a single tap.



The app also includes a GPS based Speedometer. With the help of it, you can set your own speed limit warning for the road you driving on, so you can use this app on any country or road, even if the speedcam locations not in its database.

Speedcams has a beautifully crafted design and slick interface – no clutter, only essential features are included, which will certainly enhance your driving experience.

Keep in mind that, you should always keep your speed below the maximum speed limit for the road you are driving on. You can install the app free from Play Store.

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