iReader-iconApple’s new browser Safari 5 has a very capable feature called ‘Reader’. This feature enables a distraction free webpage text reading; just like reading a PDF document.

It strips out all the advertisements and extraneous layout from a webpage so that you can very easily read a webpage text.

The chrome extension iReader gives similar feature to Google Chrome browser. You can view news stories and other articles in a very easy to read, clutter-free, scrollable display.


To use this, after installing, when you enter a web page that is identified as an article, iReader icon will appears on the address bar.

Just click the icon or use the keyboard shortcut ( Ctrl+Shift+P) for Windows and Linux, and (?-Shift-P) for MAC) to open iReader window.

To close iReader and return to the webpage, click anywhere in the background or click iReader icon again.

Download and install iReader from Chrome extension page



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