If insufficient storage space is a problem on your Android phone, the new auto-archive unused apps feature can handle it. If you enable this option, it will archive your unused or rarely used apps to regain storage space. It says that it will reduce the storage usage of each archived app by about sixty percent. The main advantage of it is that you can quickly reinstall these apps and retain your personal data.

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There are various ways to free up space on your device, like automatically saving photos and videos to Google Photos cloud storage, deleting unnecessary apps, or using the Google Files app to manage storage space. The new automatically archive apps option will regain storage space without user intervention, but currently, it will be active only when installing a new app with insufficient storage.


Note that archived apps will be removed from your Android phone, but their icons will appear in the app drawer, which contains your personal data. If you open an archived app, it reinstalls immediately and retains your personal user data, saving you time.

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How to Turn On Automatically Archive Apps Feature on Android?

1. Open the Play Store app on your Android phone and tap your profile picture.

2. Next, scroll down and tap Settings.

3. In Settings, choose General, scroll down, and turn on the Automatically Archive app option.

Turn on auto-archive unused apps feature on Android

That is how to enable the auto archive unused apps feature on your Android phone. Apps that you use rarely will be archived when your storage runs low.

For your information, the auto-archive unused apps feature was first introduced in April 2023, but it was only available when your device’s storage space run out. Now, Google has added an option to turn on and off the Automatically Archive app option in the Play Store app.

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