S.N.A.PNowadays many people use their mobile phone for accessing social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. To this there are special apps available for mobile phones.

One thing concerned about social networking sites, especially with Facebook is user’s privacy. This is because Facebook offers a large number of privacy related settings. This turned out to be a complicated process for many inexperienced users.

To help such Facebook users, a free service called ReclaimPrivacy will help to get privacy settings right. But this is only for PC users. If you use your iPhone or iPod Touch for accessing Facebook, the free app S.N.A.P. may be the right tool.


SNAP will scan your Facebook Profile and checks your privacy and security related settings to see what you make public and what information you keep private. After the scan is complete, the app grades you on how visible you are to the public, and then you can make necessary settings to keep your privacy safe.

S.N.A.P. also features an in depth search of your Facebook profile for any keyword. Not only will it tell you how many times the word is found, but will show you exactly where, when, and how it was posted.

You can download SNAP at iTunes Store



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