Paranoid Android team has released a new app on Play Store named HALO))) that lets you add any app you want as Chat Heads style balloon on any Jelly Bean (Android 4.2) powered smartphone. Users do not get confused with its name, it is not their much-talked Halo Chat Heads notification system; it brings a convenient function for those who want to launch any app in floating mode, especially on Paranoid Android rom.

Though, HALO))) works on any Jelly Bean (Android 4.2 and above) powered smartphone (basic features only), users will get it full benefits when it works in conjunction with Paranoid Android Halo Chat Heads notification system.


For your information, Paranoid Android Halo is more or like Facebook Messenger’s Chat Heads that allows users to access any system app notification while inside any other app. All notifications are notified via a beautiful Halo bubble.

HALO))) can be downloaded from Play Store for free. (Source)


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