Sony’s Concept ROM for Xperia X has updated to version 38.3.1.A.0.91 with new audio engine, VoLTE, several new changes and bug fixes. The biggest change in this update is the new audio engine, which is a mix of Sony’s Audio Effects Engine and Google’s MusicFX app. Other changes include VoLTE and VoWifi in some new operator configurations, fix for Bluetooth restart problem and battery percentage indicator in the status bar.

If you are interested, read on to know how to get Sony Concept ROM on Xperia X. Before start, note that Sony’s ‘concept for Android’ is a recent take on Android and has some significant differences from Sony’s official or customized version of Android operating system. Users can experience latest Android version (Android 7.1.1 Nougat) and new features through this program. Read on to know how to participate in the ‘Concept for Android’ program.



Before get start, let us see what is new in Sony Concept firmware (v38.3.1.A.0.91) for Xperia X:

– New Sony Audio Effects Engine for Google MusicFX app
– Battery Percentage in status bar (activate in System UI Tuner)
– Fix for Bluetooth restart problem
– VoWiFi in Germany (Vodafone, O2 and Telekom), VoLTE and VoWiFi in Telenor Norway, Hutch (3) Danmark/Sweden.

Important: Before start installing the concept ROM, read this FAQ, which will help you get started with Sony’s Concept for Android program.

How to Get Sony Concept ROM on Xperia X

Note: The concept ROM will not affect your warranty, but will remove all user data from the phone. Backup every important data you have on the before installing Sony concept ROM

1. Download and install ‘Concept Installer’ app from Play store here (the app support Xperia X F5121 model only)

2. Open the app, tap on ‘Get started’ and register for the program.

3. Once you have registered in the app, you will receive a software update notification (usually within 24 hours), enabling you to install the new Concept software on your device.

Once you have installed the Concept software, Sony encourages you to access the community via the inTouch app and continue your Concept discussions there. (Source: Xperiablog)

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