Google releases new versions of its chrome browser quicker than any of the other major browser makers. It is now on to version 11(in dev. form). Not bad for a browser that has only been around since Sep 2008. The reason for such plentiful updates is that rather than produce a revolutionary new release each time, Chrome adopts a policy of gradual new icon

However, each updates causes the browser to increase its size and now it is around 26Mb to download (see details here). This is mainly because of the integration of in-built PDF reader, flash player, and such useful things.

Comparing to other major browsers like Firefox and Opera, this is double the size. So, I think Google now realized the fact that not all people are always able to access such a big updates because of poor internet connection, so they’ve set up a team to try and slim down Chrome (now for Windows version only). [Via]

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