Implementation of new web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 open a new chapter in internet and web design. They offer numerous new functions to meet today’s web demands. Now you can enjoy video, audio, games, offline access to email, and much more on your browser without separate codec or plug-in. Moreover, all major web browsers now support HTML5 and CSS3.

However, do you know, currently which browser supports all that new features of HTML5 and CSS3 – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome or Opera? Check it with an online tool called HTML5 Readiness.



HTML5 Readiness tool shows how HTML5 and CSS3 support has evolved since 2008. It shows a series of new technologies each browser had put into action from 2008 to the current year (2011).

According to the graph, currently (in 2011) Google Chrome supports all new web technologies. Visit here for details.

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