Microsoft Edge has received a new AI image editor allowing users to edit any image from the web directly within the browser. Besides the general functions of the image editor, AI image editing features a Background Blur tool, a Smart Erase function, a Retouch option, and an Image Enhancer. Here is how to enable the AI image editor in Microsoft Edge.

AI Image Editor in Edge browser

Thanks to AI, Microsoft is turning the Edge browser into a full-fledged image editor with the new AI Image editing functions. Along with the typical image editing functions, such as crop, filters, brightness, color, contrast, and markup tools, the AI brings advanced functions, like background blur, smart erase, retouch, and photo enhancer, to the Edge browser.


As of this writing, the AI image editing is an experimental feature of Edge browser that you need to enable manually.

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How to Enable AI Image Editor in Microsoft Edge Browser?

1. Open the Edge browser, type edge://flags into the address bar, and press the Enter button to load the Experiments page.

2. Now, search for the AI Image Viewer experiment flag.

3. Alternatively, go to the edge://flags/#edge-image-viewer page.

4. Click the Edge Image Viewer drop-down menu, select Enabled, and restart the Edge browser.

Enable AI Image Editor in Microsoft Edge

You have now enabled the AI image editor in the Edge browser. To use the feature, follow the below instructions.

How to Edit Photos With Edge’s AI Image Editor?

1. Right-click on the image shown on a webpage and select open image in the new tab.

2. It will open the image in the editor.

3. Now, click the AI Editing button or right-click the image and select AI editing.

4. It will open the image in the new AI editor.

5. Edit your image and click the Save button to download the image or copy it to the clipboard to share it.

The beauty of Edge’s AI Image Editor is that you can edit photos from your Edge browser, without downloading the image to your computer. You can download the edited image to your PC or paste it into any application.

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