Windows 8.1 brings new authentication options to protect your PC from unauthorized access. You can use your Microsoft Live account, PIN or Picture password to log into your system. If you are using Live account to sign in Windows 8.1, then you have to type the long passphrase (assuming that you have a strong password) each time you login to your system.

If you are the only user who ever has access to your desktop or laptop, typing the lengthy passphrase is more trouble than it is worth. You can simplify it by choosing PIN or Picture password.


Switch over to Windows 8.1’s Modern UI, hover your mouse in the lower-right corner to show the Charms Bar or simply click the Win + I keys.

Click the “Settings” button, then click “Change PC Settings” on the bottom-right corner, click “Accounts”, and then click “Sign-in Options”.


Set up a PIN, enter a four digit number, and you will have a much easier time logging into your home system without compromising the integrity of your long Live password.

Alternatively, set up a picture password and you will get to have a bit of fun using taps, circle-gestures, and lines to serve as your system’s new authentication method.

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