The battery capacity on newest smartphones is getting bigger, but the features offered by the latest operating system (here Android KitKat) demands more and more power. Location services, apps background synchronizing feature, etc. will reduce the battery life a lot.

Just like any smartphone, the regular use of your KitKat Android device obviously will reduce the battery life, but there are many simple ways in which you can minimize the battery draining on KitKat device.

Follow below 4 tips to minimize battery drain on KitKat devices.

1. In KitKat, to assist with Google Now (your personal assistant) and location services, Wi-Fi is switched on by default. By disabling it, you can save battery.

2. Using Android Runtime (ART) can slow battery drain. In KitKat, you can switch to ART from Dalvik runtime. It will bring faster performance and better battery life (read here to know how it is).

3. Another option to reduce battery life is by disabling Google account syncing feature. Go to Settings>Accounts>Configure manually. Select what to synchronize.

4. Disable GPS and Wi-Fi triangulation to minimize battery drain. Open Settings>Location> Mode to disable the feature.

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