Rooting Samsung Galaxy S6 just got easier with XDA Forum user ‘dler1984’ successfully without tripping the KNOX warranty flag. Called ‘PingPongRoot’, his one-click root tool supports several variants of Galaxy S6 and simple to use. All you need to just sideload the APK file to root your Galaxy S6. It does not need ADB or computer for rooting your phone.

Users who want to know how to root their Galaxy S6 without tripping the KNOX warranty flag, read on to the guide below. This method use a new one-click rooting tool called PingPongRoot and according to the developer, users do not need to worry about KNOX switch, because it stays intact.


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Manufacturers try to make rooting hard to make their device free from security issues, as it will open a security hole in the system, for example, KNOX security system by Samsung. If you tampered the KNOX status to 0x1, you will lose your device’s service warranty as well as all the benefit of the KNOX security system. Also, KNOX status cannot reset to default value (0x0) once it is changed.

Important: The ‘PingPongRoot’ one-click rooting tool for Galaxy S6 is currently a beta app, so it may not support your device.

Warning: Although the developer says that his rooting method will not change the KNOX status to 0x1, there is no guarantee for that. Do at your own risk.

Root Galaxy S6 Without Tripping KNOX warranty Flag

1. Download party_beta2.1.7z [HERE] and unzip the file to get the pingpongroot apk file.

2. Copy the apk file to your phone and run the pingpongroot.apk (you need to enable Unknown sources option from settings menu) file to install it.

3. Open the app and click “Get Root!” button

4. It will prompt for app permissions. Allow them and continue.

5. Once finished, go to app drawer and run “Kinguser” app at least once. Change permission of any application you want to “Allow” if necessary.


Your KNOX status stays intact, so your warranty will not be void. Enjoy the freedom of your newly rooted device! (Source – dler1984)

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