If you have tampered KNOX security system on your Samsung Galaxy device, you will lose your device’s service warranty. Though KNOX status cannot reset to default value once it is changed, you have to consider KNOX Status when it comes to warranty claims. You can simply check your device’s KNOX status with a simple app called KNOX Status Samsung.

Read below to know how to check KNOX status on your Samsung Galaxy devices. KNOX security status will be changed to Void: 0x1, if you have installed a custom recovery, such as CWM/TWRP, rooting and installed an unofficial ROM/firmware.



KNOX Status Samsung app is designed to be a simple to use tool to know the KNOX status. Keep in mind that the app cannot change the Knox status. Before you get start using this app, please note that not all Galaxy devices come with a KNOX security system. Starting with Note 3 Samsung introduced this feature and available on all newest devices such as Note 3, Note 4, Galaxy S5, etc.

Using this app is simple. Once installed [Download from Play Store] run the app and it will show the Knox Warranty status.


If you see Knox Warranty Status: 0x0, your device is “virgin” and capable of receiving after sale service from Samsung.

If you see Knox Warranty Status: 0x1, you lose your warranty as well as all benefit the KNOX security system provides you is compromised and no longer available.

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