Today’s guide is for those who want to interchange the functions of ‘Back’ and ‘Recent’ keys on their Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. You can interchange the ‘Back’ and ‘Recent’ keys on Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge without root access. It will give consistent experience while using multiple phones or coming from a non-Galaxy phone

Why do you want to interchange functions of Back and Recent keys on your Samsung Galaxy S6? Unlike most Android phones, Samsung have arranged the ‘Back’ key on the right and the ‘Recent’ key on the left side of their Galaxy series phones. This will make varying experience if you own multiple phones.



Read on to know how to change the layout of capacitive buttons on Galaxy S6 or any Galaxy series phone. You can do this simply with a free Play store download ‘All in One Gestures’. The app does not require root access and supports all phones running Android 4.1 and later.

How to Interchange Back & Recent Keys on Samsung Galaxy S6

1. Install ‘All in One Gestures’ app [HERE] and open it.

2. Tap ‘Hard Keys’ tab and enable the option ‘Allows users to customize the physical keys’ option. This will ask you to enable ‘All in One Gestures’ service in Settings -> Accessibility. Just do that.

3. Now, go back to the ‘Hard Keys’ tab and under ‘Back key’ option, tap ‘Single Tap’ to enable it. From the popup list, select ‘Recent Apps’. (You may need to tap + sign to get the popup list). Tap Ok to confirm the settings.


4. Once again, under ‘Hard Keys’ tab, below the ‘Recent key’ option tap ‘Single Tap’ to enable it. From the popup list, select ‘Back’. Tap Ok to confirm the settings.

You have now successfully interchanged the function of ‘Back’ and ‘Recent’ keys on your Galaxy S6. These keys now act just as they do in any other Android phone. Therefore, you will not have any varying experience if you own multiple phones.

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