The search feature provided with Windows 7 is quite powerful since this feature is completely integrated with the operating system itself. All a user would have to do is, click ‘Start’ and type the first few letters of a file name. A list of files would then be displayed on the menu.
Some times you may notice that not all file types appear on the search list. This is because Windows 7 has only few file types specified to its search index.To add a new file type follows the steps below. This how to tip is also applicable to Vista.

  1. Click ‘Start’ type the word index in the search box and press enter button.
  2. On the resulting window click the ‘Advanced’ button
  3. Click the file type tab
  4. On the next window, at the bottom type a three letter extension
  5. Click the Add  button to enlist files of the extension to be include in the search indexing.


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