If you like the look of Windows 8, but you’re unwilling to upgrade now, there are several free tools that apply the Modern interface (formerly called Metro UI) to Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP. For example, WinMetro from iOBit, a free tool that brings the same Windows 8’s colorful Start Screen to older versions of Windows. It is easy to install and, just as importantly, equally easy to remove.

Besides frequently used programs, WinMetro also offers apps for Facebook, Calendar, SkyDrive photos, the weather and more on the Start Screen. In addition, it has built-in live widgets that display information in real time, such as weather forecast, calendar, news, and stocks.



WinMetro is easy to install and use. It also offers the option to boot to Metro Start Screen directly (you can enable or disable this feature by clicking the WinMetro configuration icon).

The main attraction of this program is that it brings the Windows 8’s Modern UI experience to older versions of Windows; however, it is also productive, for example, you can access the most frequently used system tools and recently opened programs quite easily and faster, which saves time during working or surfing.

Note: it is a beta product and doesn’t have any option to add or remove items on the Start Screen. Interested users can download WinMetro from developer’s website here.


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