The Chrome Web Store is a vital part of Chrome browser and Chrome OS, from where you can add new apps, extensions and themes, across a wide variety of categories to enhance the functionality. By default, when you launch the Chrome Web store it launches the localized version offering more relevant apps for the specific country. Here is how to launch international version of Chrome Web Store.

Why you want to launch the international version of Chrome web Store? The apps and extensions you see in the store are different in each country. To see and download apps and extensions that are not available in your country, you can use global or other versions of Web Store.



It is quite simple to launch the global version of web store. You only need to add ?h1= followed by the language and country code at the end of the URL. For instance, to access US store in English, type ?h1=en-us so that the address looks like ?h1=en-us

Here are few more examples for other languages and country. To visit the UK store, type ?h1=en-uk at the end of the URL, to see US store in Spanish, type ?h1=es-us. Similarly, to see Spanish store in Spanish, type ?h1=es-es, for Germany, type ?h1=de-de, for France, type ?h1=fr-fr and so on.

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