iAdWhat is iAd? It is an innovative advertising system built into the iOS4 for iPhone, iPod Touch, and newly launched iPad. iAd allows third-party application developers to include rich media advertisements into their apps.

But if you don’t like iAd appearing on your iDevice (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) and find it annoying, then there is an easy way to disable these ads on your device.

The Firewall IP developer Yller has created a simple file called iADkiller.deb for iOS4 devices which will disable Apple’s iAds in an app.

Installing the iADkiller is very simple, but your iPhone must be jailbroken in order to use the app. Just follow as described below (thanks to gadgetsdna)

  1. First connect your iPhone/iPod/iPad to PC or Mac.
  2. Place the .deb file in /tmp folder (download the .deb file from here)
  3. Now run the Mobile Terminal program in iPhone (download it from Cydia) and insert the following:
    – Type su root and hit enter
    – Enter your password (default password is – alpine) and hit enter
    – Then write dpkg -i /tmp/iAdsKiller.deb
  4. Now you are done, close the Mobile Terminal and reboot your iPhone device.

Now whenever you run any app on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, those iAd won’t appear.


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