Nowadays, there’s no shortage of finance apps to help keep your budget in check and to track your spending. Fintech is on the rise, not just in India and Asia, but across the rest of the world. This is especially true as more people become dependent on technology to manage their lives.

If you’re having trouble taking charge of your budget, these are the apps that are helping simplify this not-so-simple task across the globe. Here are the best five finance apps to manage and control your budgets and bills.

Best finance apps for Android and iOS
Best finance apps for Android and iOS


Mint allows users to track all bank accounts and cards using just one app. If you rely on several cards for their rewards and/or several bank accounts for different purposes, this app allows you to keep track of it all from one convenient digital space. Apart from keeping track of your budget across all accounts, the app also offers the option of setting up bill reminders, as well as automatically categorizing each and every transaction on your cards or bank accounts.

You can even use all that info to set up financial goals, an option where Mint tells you how much you need to save based on the patterns of your spending and savings. No wonder Mint made it to the top of Pocket-Lint’s list of best budgeting apps for 2020.


The Mvelopes app relies on the envelope budgeting method, which is all about setting aside what you need for regular essential payments while still maintaining a personal spending budget. It’s an old, systematic, and highly effective way of saving money as well as always being on time to pay bills, and Mvelopes is dragging it into the age of fintech.

Using the app, users can automatically download transactions from their different accounts, start categorizing spending, and track long-term spending towards achieving strategic financial goals. After using it for some time, you’ll know the envelope budgeting method by heart – a very useful skill in the age of mismanaged credit.

Petal Card:

This app is attached to a credit card company that specializes in helping people with zero credit history. Business Insider notes how Petal Card takes no annual fees, offers high spending limits, and most importantly, credit analysis based on income, savings, and spending patterns.

Through the Petal Card app, users have access to an interest calculator, which breaks down how much they owe based on capacity to pay, a planner for spending against their budget, an AutoPay option, as well as a Card Freeze option. This is the app that is helping those who are starting out from scratch and looking to build credit.

You Need A Budget (YNAB):

Also known as YNAB, this is another app that’s designed for financial beginners. Apart from teaching beginners intuitive budgeting practices, The Balance explains that YNAB is also compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems, making it easier to keep track of your expenses and budget wherever you are or whatever device you’re using. The app even offers budgeting classes with a live instructor.


Acorns app is unique in that it also doubles as an investment platform. Basically, it keeps track of every transaction you make, rounds up cent values to solid numbers, and invests the difference in cents into your choice of ready-made investment portfolios. Each investment is made via exchange-traded funds (ETFs), costs next-to-nothing, and provides users with a more useful way of keeping their savings.

Since you might actually earn money using the app, it’s free to use until your portfolio reaches a certain value – at which point you’ll need to pay 0.25% of your balance on a monthly basis.

These are just some of the financial apps that are changing how people budget. What these apps show is how many people are changing how they control their budgets and live their lives around the world. If you’re looking for more practical info on useful Android apps, we also have tips on apps such as WhatsApp.

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