While ads fund many websites and apps on smartphones, they can be disruptive for users. Fortunately, there are several ways to block them on your Android phone, including ad blockers and Private DNS. Here are some popular DNS hostnames and how to use them to block ads on your Android phone in 2024.

Block ads on Android in 2024

Private DNS is a powerful way to block ads on Android devices. If you have Android 9 Pie or later, you can use the built-in Private DNS mode to achieve this without installing extra apps. This method effectively blocks video, image, and text ads across various apps, browsers, games, and other content.


Best DNS for Ad-blocking on Android in 2024

Although there are several private DNS hostnames available to block ads for your device, I’ve personally tested and found the following to be effective for ad blocking on Android:

AdGuard DNS: This is one of the best, free private DNS hostnames for blocking ads. It has also a paid version with better connectivity.
Hostname: dns.adguard.com

NextDNS: This hostname gives you access to a free private DNS hostname that you can use to block ads and other web elements on your device. It has also a paid version for better connectivity.
Hostname: f62761.dns.nextdns.io

RethinkDNS: It has private DNS servers in more than 300 locations to block ads, malware, and other unwanted web elements. It is a free service, but a paid plans may launch soon.
Hostname: 1-qcbabacaaaiaa.max.rethinkdns.com

Control D: This is a customizable DNS solution designed to help you block unwanted content and ads. You can choose between a free or paid option based on your needs and preferences.
Hostname: x-oisd-basic.freedns.controld.com

How to Block Ads on Android Phone Using Private DNS in 2024?

  1. Open the Settings app and select Network & Internet option.
  2. Next, tap Private DNS option.
  3. In Private DNS mode, select private DNS provider option.
  4. Enter the hostname, for example, dns.adguard.com, and tap Save button.
  5. You can now enjoy apps or browse webpages without ads.
Block ads on Android using Private DNS

Closing Word:

Considering using private DNS on your Android for ad blocking and security? Here’s a quick rundown:


  • Blocks ads for a smoother app experience
  • Enhances security by blocking malicious websites and malware


  • May cause compatibility issues with some apps
  • Could lead to occasional slowdowns in internet connection speed

Overall, private DNS offers a balance between ad-free browsing and potential drawbacks. It’s recommended to weigh the benefits against any compatibility issues you might encounter with your specific apps.

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