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Rabbit R1 Ai Gadget Received its First Rabbit OS Update (What’s New)


Have you heard about the Rabbit R1? It’s an innovative AI gadget that is revolutionizing the way we interact with technology. This compact device is more like a pocket-sized personal assistant, and it is packed with advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, making it a must-have for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike.

How Does the Rabbit R1 Work?

The Rabbit R1 utilizes state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to understand and respond to human commands. The gadget is powered by a custom operating system named Rabbit OS (based on Android) and LAM (Large Action Model) running on the cloud. And Rabbit R1 is equipped with a powerful processor (MediaTek MT6765 OCTA-CORE) and a vast database of information, allowing it to provide accurate and relevant answers to a wide range of queries.

The cornerstone of Rabbit R1’s operating system is LAM or Large Action Model. It is a new type of foundation model that understands human intentions on computers. It can understand what you say and gets things done. With the Rabbit R1, all you need to do is speak your command or question, and it will analyze the input using natural language processing techniques. The Rabbit R1 can work independently of your phone as it comes with a SIM card slot.

Rabbit R1 Software Update

The Rabbit R1 AI gadget has launched a couple of weeks ago, and it has received two major software updates (rabbit OS) with various bug fixes and improvements. Rabbit Tech will constantly push two types of software updates:

Over-The-Air (OTA) Updates: The OTA update will install directly on your device, and you will get the update notification on your device, just like how you receive updates on your smartphone.

Cloud Update: These are improvements to Rabbit OS that happen in the cloud, which means Rabbit engineering team makes these updates as they are ready. You do not need to do anything with your device to benefit from these updates.

What’s New in rabbit OS Update for Rabbit R1?

What’s new in rabbit OS Update 1 for R1:

  • Idle battery performance improved by up to 5x.
  • Added time zone selection to R1’s settings menu/R1 correct time zone based on GPS location.
  • Improved music playback UI on R1
  • Better detection of server connections and release linked resources.
  • Improved reliability for Bluetooth connectivity
  • Enhanced stability on meeting assistant / recorder for longer durations
  • Rabbit OS made more aware of when to use GPS to query your location and how to leverage that information
  • Improved the accuracy regarding time-related information during conversation
What’s new for rabbithole?
  • Improved loading UI
  • Improved error messages when your session expires
  • Improved QR code readability
  • More informative TTS error messages from spreadsheet queries
Community fixes
  • Fixed minor errors in DoorDash and Uber content display
  • Added missing characters to the keyboard
  • Fixed compatibility issues when the device is plugged into a vehicle

What’s new in rabbit OS Update 2 for R1?

  • Improved bi-directional translation and bug fixes
  • improved GPS location services with enhanced AGPS
  • improved weather/time related experience
  • further reduced LLM hallucinations

How to Update Rabbit R1?

Rabbit R1 is an Android OS based AI gadget. So, like on your Android phone, you can go to the setting menu and visit the software update section to receive an OTA.

Make sure to have your device connected to either Wi-Fi or have SIM card inserted in your device with Mobile Data on.


The Rabbit R1 is designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily life, making tasks easier and more efficient. With its advanced AI capabilities, this gadget is truly a game-changer in the world of technology.