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Get Windows 11 Style Centrally Aligned Taskbar Icons on Windows 10 (Two Methods)


Microsoft has unveiled Windows 11, and it comes with enhanced UI and many usability features. Along with many visual changes, one of the changes that we first notice is centralized taskbar icons. By default, the taskbar icons are centrally aligned, like in MacOS, in Windows 11. Here is how to add this feature to Windows 10 natively or with software.

Windows 11 is due out later in 2021 and will be available as a free upgrade to eligible Windows 10 PCs. Meanwhile, users can experience some of the Windows 11 features on their Windows 10. For example, here is how to get centrally aligned taskbar icons on Windows 10 natively.

Place apps icon at the center of the taskbar in windows 10

Steps to Place App Icons in the Center of the Taskbar in Win­dows 10

Method 1: Windiw 10 Native Option

1. First, right-click on the taskbar and choose the Taskbar Settings option.

2. In Taskbar settings, turn on the ‘Use small taskbar buttons’ feature.

3. Once again, right-click on the taskbar and disable the Lock the taskbar option.

disable lock taskbar

4. Right-click on the taskbar again, go to the Toolbars option and choose Links.

Enable Links in Windows 10 taskbar

5. Links option will appear at the bottom. Drag it to the left side of the taskbar. Apps cons will move to the right of it.

6. Next, use the three-line indicator beside the app icons to drag them to the center.

7. Now, lock the taskbar from the taskbar settings menu.

You have successfully moved app icons in the middle of the taskbar in Windows 10.

Method 2: With TaskBarX app

TaskBarX is a free, open-source app that brings Windows 11-style centrally aligned taskbar icons to Windows 10 PC (The app is also available on the Microsoft Store ($1.49) as a paid app with automatic updates).

1. Download the TaskBarX app (link) to your Windows 10 PC and unzip it.

2. Install the TaskBarX app on your PC and launch it.

3. On the configuration window of the app, leave all the settings on default and click on Apply button.

Get Windows 11 style centered taskabr on Windows 10

4. It will automatically center the taskbar icons.

You can also customize other taskbar settings, including the color, transparency, etc. So, this is how to bring Windows 11 style-centered taskbar icons to Windows 10.

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