Windows 11 has several innovative features built-in. Startup app notification is such a new feature that you can enable to get notification when apps add entries into the Windows startup list. This feature is disabled in Windows 11 22H2 version. Here is how to turn on the startup app notification on your system.

Most of the software programs add an entry into the Windows startup list. Several startup items could slow down the PC. The situation is more versant if it is an entry-level PC. Core system apps, like the security software, should run when Windows starts, but other apps do not have that importance.


You can easily disable unnecessary entries from the startup list using the ‘msconfig’ tool or going to Task Manager. Here is how to enable startup app notification on Windows 11. So you can identify which app is adding its entry to the startup list, and if it is not necessary, you can disable it.

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How to Turn on Startup Apps Notification in Windows 11?

1. Open Windows Settings (Win + I ) and select the Notification option.

2. In Notification settings, scroll down and turn on the Startup app notification option.

Enable startup apps notification in Windows 11

3. Choose what type of notification you want to see – notification banner or in the notification center.

Choose startup apps notification style

4. You will get notifications when apps add their entry into the startup list.

How to Disable Unwanted Apps from Windows Startup?

1. To disable an app from the startup list, open the Task Manager on your Windows 11 PC (Ctrl + Shift + Esc), select the Startup app option, select the app you want to disable, and click on the disable option.

Disable startup apps in Windows 11 using Task Manager

2. You can also do it in Windows 11 settings. Open Settings (Win + I) and select Apps from the left pane of the settings window.

3. In Apps settings, scroll down and click on the Startup apps option. Next, click on the toggle next to each app to disable it from Windows startup.

Note that security apps like Windows Security and other system core apps should not be disabled from the startup list.

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