One of the new features of Nothing Phone is voice recording facility. The Recorder widget, currently available on company’s budget phone Nothing Phone 2a, lets you record voice calls discreetly. You can use the recorder widget on the Phone 2a to record phone calls silently or without call record warning.


Nothing OS Recorder widget is currently available on Nothing Phone 2a. It will be soon available on Phone 1 and Phone 2 via a upcoming OS update. Here is how to enable call recording on Nothing Phone and record calls without alerting the other person on the call.


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It is pointless to mention the benefits of call recording here, but it may not be legal in your country. So, before bringing the call recording function to your Nothing Phone, check that recording your own phone calls is legal in your country.

How to Enable Call Recording on Nothing Phone?

1. Touch and hold the home screen and select “Widgets” from the list.

2. In widgets list, scroll down and tap “Recorder”.

3. Tap and hold the “Quick Record” tile and place it on the home screen.

4. Now, you will get two tile options. Select the “Mic and System” tile.

Enable silent call recording on Nothing Phone

5. This option will capture the sound from the surrounding environment and the audio output from the phone.

6. Once you place the recorder widget on the screen, tap it and grant permission for Phone, Notifications, Music and Audio and Microphone.

How to Record Calls on Nothing Phone?

1. To record calls, tap the recorder widget. This will start the recording, and you can see the duration on the widget.

2. To stop the recording, tap the timer and you will see the “Saved” text.

How to See Recordings and Play it on Nothing Phone?

1. To see your recordings, launch the “Recorder” app on your Nothing phone.

2. Next, tap the hamburger menu from the top left. You will see all your recordings under “My Recording”.

3. Select the recording you want to listen to and tap the “Play” button to play it.

Find call recording on Nothing phone

That is all about how to record calls without alerting the other person on the call on your Nothing Phone 2a. The Phone 1, Phone 2 and the upcoming Nothing Phone 2a Micro will get the feature.

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