Taskbar hider with a difference for Windows 7

There could be several reasons to hide the taskbar in Windows. For instance, sometimes you may want to suddenly hide all minimized windows, or you love a clean desktop, etc.

Yes, of course you can always use the Windows ‘Auto hide’ feature to hide the taskbar and it will re-appear only when you place the mouse bottom of the desktop. But, here is a simple utility with a difference for hiding the taskbar in Windows 7.The portable utility called Hide Taskbar lets you hide only the taskbar, and not the Start Button, with a hot key.


Using this program is extremely simple. Download and extract the program. Run the app. Use hotkeys Ctrl+Esc to hide or un-hide the taskbar.
Download Hide Taskbar

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  1. Sandrina

    Apr 19, 2010 at 2:22 am

    hmm! sounds interesting!

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