Though the new Start Screen is the full-screen replacement for the Start menu on Windows 8, most users just do not get on with it. Now there is a good news for those users who can’t go without the old fashioned Start menu. At the Build Conference 2014, Microsoft has revealed a new Start Menu, which is similar to Windows 7 start menu, but includes Windows 8 feature live tiles.

Microsoft will bring back the Start Menu with an update coming later this year. The size of this revised Start Menu is same as of the Windows 7 menu, but features miniature Live Tiles at the right side as shown in the screenshot.



In addition to the traditional Start menu, Microsoft has also revealed a new interface mode that allows you to run modern UI Windows 8 Apps in the normal desktop mode within its own window. Also, the upcoming update will improve the use for keyboard and mouse on Windows 8. (source)

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