Material You theming is an intriguing feature of Android 12, which will change the entire look and feel of Android phones. This new color theming system, which changes with the wallpaper you choose for your phone, will color every element in Android 12. Here is how to bring the all-new look and feel of Android 12 to your phone running on an older Android version with Lawnchair.

Lawnchair is one of the best Android launcher apps available on the Play Store, and it brings Google Pixel-like UI to any Android phone. The developer behind this launcher is now working on new features, and the good news is that the latest version of the Lawnchair 12 alpha build brings Android 12 Material You theming experience on older Android phones.

Material You Theming on older Android versions with Lawnchair

Based on Android 12’s Launcher3, the latest Lawnchair 12 (alpha build) home-screen replacement app for Android includes the below-given changes.

New Features in Lawnchair 12 alpha build

It brings Android 12 look and feels on App drawer, folders, pop-ups, and more places.

Like Android 12’s Material You theming, Lawnchair can extract the color from your wallpaper and theme every element in the launcher.

QuickSwitch support is another new feature of the launcher, but it works only on phones running on Android 11 and 12.

This build lets you change the app icon or hide the app from the App drawer by long-pressing the icon.

You can also set the keyboard to open automatically with the App drawer.

Lawnchair 12 brings a new editor for the home screen grid and has a refined accent color selector.

There is also an experimental Font setting for the launcher.

Lawnchair 12 supports all devices running Android 8 or above. But, since it is an alpha build, all the features mentioned above may not work as you expect.

Currently, Lawnchair 12 is not available on the Google Play Store. Interested users can download the APK from the Lawnchair News Telegram channel (Link/ Link) and sideload it on your device.

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