Android 12 comes with extensive UI changes, new features, performance improvements, and security enhancements. Google has also added new wallpapers, new ringtones, fresh notification tones, and alarm sounds in Android 12. The new ringtone Fresh Start and notification sound Eureka that came with Android 12 Beta 3.0 are much calmer and less sharp.

You can get Android 12’s new ringtones and notification sounds right now on Pixel phone running Android 11. Other Android phones users can also enjoy the sounds by downloading the Android 12 sound file. New ringtones and notification tones are available in the Google Sound app version 2.8, so you can experience them right now by installing the app.


Get Android 12’s Ringtones on Older Android Versions

1. Download Google Sound app version 2.8 from APK Mirror (link) and install it on Pixel phone. The app will also work on other Android phones running Android 11, for example, Android One edition phones.

2. After installing the app, go to phone Settings, tap on the Sound option and choose Google Sound app.

3. Choose the new ringtone and notification sound from the Pixel Sounds section.

Google Sound app

Here is how to get Android 12’s ringtones and notification tones on older Android versions and phones. If you fail to install the Google Sound app on your phone, we have the Fresh Start and Eureka sound file in MP3 format. Download the file from this link to your phone and make them as your ringtone and notification sound.

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