Do Not Disturb is one of the many new exciting features of iOS 6. If you turn this feature on, it silences all of your notifications (including notifications from apps) entirely for a certain specified time, except can’t-miss contacts like your boss or your better half. Currently Android has no such functionality built-in; however, some OEMs has implemented similar feature on their devices, but it’s not uniform or perfect.

There are several apps available at Play Store to implement “Do Not Disturb” like feature in Android phone. Now, there is a new, free app called Silencify, which can bring “Do Not Disturb” or more features to your Android Phone. Silencify lets you create smart rules that silences your phone.



It not only lets you silence your phone according to set schedule, but it’ll also turnoff auto syncing, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when scheduled silence is on to save battery life.


Following are the key features Silencify

  •  Silence phone according to set schedule
  •  Turn off Sync, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when scheduled silence is on – Improves Battery Life.
  •  Switch in preferences for “Master Silence”
  •  “Always Accept” (Whitelist) list of contacts/phone numbers to ring the phone even when its in silence.
  •  “Always Reject” (Blacklist) list of contacts/phone numbers to always silence the phone from those numbers.
  •  Backup of application data.

Silencify lets users create rules according to their needs and location. Also, you can configure it to read your calendar notes to switch your Android device to silent mode based on it.

Silencify can downloaded from Play Store for free


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