In today’s article, we will go over the restore deleted Weather widget or weather app on Huawei and Honor Android smartphone. If you have removed the weather widget from the home screen of your Huawei phone accidentally and couldn’t see it in the widget section of your phone, and wondering how to bring it back, then read on to know how to get it.

There are three methods to restore the deleted weather widget on your Huawei and Honor phone. The first method is via the Widgets section, the second one is via Application Management, and the third method is using the Restore option of the weather widget.


Weather widget brings time and weather information right at your fingertip anytime. So, here is how to bring it back on the home screen of your Huawei or Honor phone, if you deleted it unknowingly.

Restore Weather Widget in Huawei/Honor Phone:

Method – 1:

1. Unlock your phone and long press on the home screen (or pinch with two fingers on a blank area).

2. Select Widget and look for weather widget.

3. From available weather widget style, select your favorite and add to home screen.

Method – 2:

If you cannot see the weather widget in the widget section, then follow the second method.

1. Open your phone Settings menu and click application and then application management.

2. In Application management, click More and then Show system process.

3. You will see the “Weather Widget”. Add it to home screen.

Method – 3:

If you cannot find the weather widget in application manager, it means you have deleted the weather app. You need to restore it.

1. Unlock your phone and pull down the main screen

2. In the search box, type weather. You should see weather app. Click it to restore it.

3. Now, follow the first method to add it to your home screen.

I hope the above guide will help you restore the missing weather widget/app on your Huawei/Honor phone’s home screen. If you have any problem, then ask in the comment box.

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  1. Same as above, I accidentally deleted the weather app and I can’t find it (not the same, and I like that one) anywhere, not in app store, not elsewhere. And method 3 doesn’t show it either, except some weather related settings, like preferred temperature unit and home city.

  2. I accidentally deleted weather widget and tried ur Method 3. Only showing my recently download app ‘AccuWeather’ on the search bar…


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