Google introduced Digital Wellbeing with Android 9 Pie as an initiative to crumble the smartphone usage. It is now part of Android and provides a set of tools, such as the App timer, Bedtime mode, Focus Mode, and Do Not Disturb mode, to control, and manage smartphone addiction. Now, you can get Digital Wellbeing and App Lock on Android TV as well.

Android TV doesn’t have a built-in Digital Wellbeing feature now, but there are apps to bring it as the ActionDash app brings it on older Android versions. The TVUsage for Android TV helps you manage and control TV usage by setting the screen time limit, apps lock, and usage graph.


The TVUsage – Digital Wellbeing and App lock, lets you know your TV usage habits and provides tools to reduce the usage if you would like so. If you don’t want to use any app, for example, YouTube, Netflix, etc. for a prolonged time, set a daily screen time limit for the app, and it’ll remind you when it is time to disconnect.

Also, you can lock any app on your Android TV with a PIN. In this way, you can control your kids TV usage by password locking their favorite apps on the TV.

Download TVUsage – Digital Wellbeing and App lock app

If you are interested, you can download the TVUsage app from Play Store [link] for your Android TV.

Note that, TVUsage and App Lock app won’t work well on every Android TV. For example, for Mi Box devices, the app can’t show full-screen overlays for screen time limits, because Xiaomi removed the “display over other apps” feature.

Also, on some Android TVs, for example, Sony Android TV, the app can’t track app usage, so you can’t see your usage graph. According to the developer of the app, AppKiddo, all features are working fine on Nvidia Shield TV devices.

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