Sometimes people fail to recall their smartphone’s lockscreen pattern code or password. It can also be changed by a prankster keeping you from accessing your device for anything beyond making emergency calls. On Android, you can reset the pattern lock or password by factory resetting the device from recovery, but it will also erase all your data and installed apps from your device.

There are few methods to reset or bypass the pattern lock or password without erasing anything from your device. Few months back I had published an article, which describes a method to bypass the lock pattern using another phone without losing any data. Read it here.



Here is another method to bypass pattern lock or password on Android phone without losing any data or installed apps. However, like the above-mentioned method, this method also requires custom recovery (CWM/TWRP) installed on the device.


1. Download “LockScreen Security bypass” app (download from the source link given at the end of this post) and copy the downloaded .zip file to your phone’s SD card.

2. Now, boot your phone into recovery mode. You can use Vol Down + Power Key/Vol Up + Home Button + Power Key, etc. The methods vary for different devices.

3. Once you have entered into recovery mode, select “Install Zip” option, then select “Choose Zip from SD Card” option, and then choose the downloaded Lock Screen file.

4. Wait for the file to be flashed. Once flashed, reboot your device. The lock would be vanished now!

Note: If you still see the gesture pattern grid after restarting the phone, don’t worry. Just try any random pattern and it should unlock. (source and download)

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  1. I’m not able to install zip file from sd card after entered into recovery mode.. I selected that “update from sd card ” but it’s showing that 0/0 and file is updated… Please help me… ?

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