Nowadays, lots of people use their smartphone for long hours on daily basis. It may be for gaming, interacting with friends on social sites like Facebook or chatting with friend on Whatsapp, etc. Whatever will be the reason, it is important to take care of eyes while using smartphone for long time.

To protect your eyes, you should take a short rest break from your device’s screen every so often. If you use an Android smartphone, there is an app called EyeRelax to remind you taking a break from time to time. Just specify the time duration and the app will display a reminder dialog whenever that time reaches.


This little app has a very simple UI and easy to set up. You need to set only two values: the “length of break” and “length between breaks”. After setting your values, just tap “Start”, and when the time reaches, your device will remind you to look away from its screen.

The app also allows you to keep track of the time remaining until your next break. You can see this by a progress bar runs discreetly in your notifications. It runs quietly in the background, allowing you to get your work done until it’s time to rest your eyes.

You can install the app from Play Store for free, however, please note that, the free version allows you to have only 30 second breaks every 30 minutes, which is somewhat sufficient for protecting your eyes. For more, you need a small in-app purchase.


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