VLC YouTube Shortcut is a handy Firefox add-on that lets you open YouTube video directly in VLC media player, which often result in smoother playback. Besides, you can use VLC’s video and audio controls such as sharpness, brightness, color, contrast, and audio equalizer for the video that will enhance your viewing experience.

It is quite simple to use this add-on. After installing, just right click a video page or a YouTube link and choose “Play video from link” or Enqueue video from link” to open VLC and watch the video – no need to copy and paste the URL on VLC.



There is no need to say that VLC player is installed. The add-on will use the default VLC installation path (depending on the operating system) for executing the player. If you have changed the default installation path, please point to the vlc executable command or file in the preference window of the add-on.

Interested users go to Firefox’ s add-on repository and install the add-on. After installation, restart your browser, go to YouTube page, right click a video URL and see how it works.

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